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WildWEB is an opensource framework to web application development.

It provides a complete set of core services to web aplications such as HTML/code separation through an advanced Template system, database abstraction, rich set of functions to automatically construct browsers, filters and (include|delete|update) forms to any table, a powerfull API to build custom forms with validation, etcetera.

What is already made:

  • database abstraction through the use of ADODB (used by ACID real time SNORT analyser);
  • powerfull and flexibe template style system, which separates layout (html) from code (php);
  • SmartForm library with arbitrary validations;
  • table manager which with a simple array that describes the table and it's fields creates a browser with arbitrary filtering with insert/update/delete forms (it's the old MTM now ADODB, STYLE and SMARTFORM powered);


WildWEB is copyrighted software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, see /home/httpd/html/docs/COPYING inside .tar.gz file for more information.


We are currently short on running examples because we dont have a SQL database configured here, sorry. We collected some screenshots (old version).

To do list

  • write the todo list;
  • ?;
  • profit!;
  • seriously now, write lots of documentation;


Sorry, no complete install instructions yet, only a little express-howto:

  • WildWEB assumes an Apache with PHP4 (recent version) correctly installed and operational;
  • Open wildweb .tar.gz in your apache root directory
  • Edit .htaccess, correct the path to the and files or include_once() them (one as the first included, before any HTML output and the other as the final statement in your .php) in any file to use wildweb
  • Edit /wildweb/templates/wildweb_config/ as you need (only the first time, after that you can alter all config options web-based)
  • chmod a+rwx -R templates directory (and subdirs and files), they will be altered by wildweb itself
  • If you plan to maintain your pages by wildweb give your apache user (nobody, httpd or apache) write permission to our pages
  • Install ADODB;
  • Test your ADODB installation;
  • Now you can use the ADODB-enabled parts of smartform and table manager too;
  • Congratulations, now you have a functional WildWEB installation.


New versions are hosted at Files Page in our Sourceforge project. Old versions are here: and

Mail Lists

There is used to be 2 mail lists, now we are using only one mail list in SourceForge. Go to for subscribe/unsubscribe/preferences and for archives.   infrastructure provided by SourceForge Logo